Corporate Self Protection Education

This is a new way how to train your employees to boost the sales, boost productivity, boost self confidence of your personnel, and ultimately boost their satisfaction regarding company they work for.

Our self protection education program include verbal skils, physical training, mental training, practical exercises, special tactics of avoidance of violence, special tehnics and tactics how to stay safe in working environment, on travel, on travel to/from job/home/shopping/theater/cinema/parking lot/restaurants.

Crobran Employee Protection Seminar:

Safety, Security, Anti-Stress, Fitness, Peace of Mind aspects. With this seminar your staff will increase their focus, concentration, working abilities, team spirit, strength, endurance, security, knowledge, health. You will have healthier and happier employees that you can ever imagine. We can fit the workshop curriculum to meet the EXACT needs of your group or organization!

Work place violence/ Work place harrasment – we can prevent it!

Work place personal safety and security – we can enhance it!

Personal safety and security – we can enhance it!


Special introduction event – theory, presentation, gathering, itroduction and good meal all thoghter to –brake the ice.

Crobran Corporate Self Protection Education start with introduction sesion – Meet-Know-Eat. This is special introdictory for releasing tensions and geting to know what is it all about and tu fine tune in in next level of our education.

How can we help?

Crobran Corporate Self Protection Education will provide every participant with new knowledge, strategies and tips how to foreseen, prevent, avoid and deal with and in danger situations. Every employee will know how to avoid personal security risks while ond the job, travel to/from job, how to deal with agressive persons.

Power of words!

Special verbal tactics and tehniques of defnes in work related situations and personal safety/security situations that will lear your employees how to avoid violence and harasment at job, how to act upon different customers –agressive one, trethining ones and more...Not yust yeling –Back off, Let go—etc..Special Verbasl Skill Set designed to help eas the danger situation, to defuse, tu help you boost your strenght and courage...

Pyhsical power of defense!

All atendess of education wil learn here how to efficiently defned themself by basic principlas of self defenese:


Reckoignize danger situatin, attack or not, verbal or phsycal, is there giong to be attack ort not, how to reckonginze all of it in workplace and our surroundings.


What to do when we did reckongize the situation. In Crobran we do an action – action thinking – action mindset – not just flee or fight ---xxxxxxxxxxx action by the body –either flee –or fight to get our safe exit again. Our prime objective is safe getaway and avoidance of fighting. Even in defense fight we willč learn your employess how to quiclky defned and get to safety.


Other seminars available - you imagine it --we got it.

Please contact us to have more information about our Crobran seminars ar to book one: Gordan Krajacic, +385 99 278 5170

Why? You might ask.

Nobody will attack us, we are not in danger, our companies are safe, I'm going form safe environment to my job in to the safe environment.

HM are you? Are they? Are you safe on your way to your job, theater-gas station-rest house, in heavy traffic. In one moment yes in another - bum - violence happens. You all travel in planes, are you expecting that stewardess will fight crazy people in the air?

All business people travel, do you travel a lot? Where do you travel- Thailand, Canaries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA, England, Portugal Russia, Africa, South America, Cuba---All of these states had a terrorist attack or random shooter attack in 2016.,2017.,2018., year--at least one in every one of these states. Almost daily we get reports about airplane incidents with passengers. You can be stuck in every one of these events, and your employees to. Than doesn't matter who is who in hierarchy of company, of world, of universe. Than you have people on one side who intend to kill innocent people on another side and no Presidency or CEO-ship will save you, and no safe company environment will save your employees. Police response need time --in that time people are getting killed. And in that time we can teach you and your personnel how to survive, how to go home to your family.

We in Crobran can help you and your personnel - especially the most exposed personnel, tho ones in the public, the ones who travel a lot, to ones who has to deal with people.

We can help you/them to develop Action Mind and Spirit, we can develop this beyond your beliefs. During this process of developing Action Mind and Spirit you and your employees will become safer, able to recognize, avoid danger situations, danger places, danger persons, able to save your own life, able to save lives of your love ones or of somebody in danger. I think that this kind of investment is very smart one.

We are available for seminars worldwide- Corporate self protection seminars - tailored to your exact needs. Call us/write to us - we guaranties results. +385992785170

More about Martial Art behind all of these skils and founder of Crobran: CROBRAN WARRIORS ARTS

All educations-seminars are conducted by founder of Crobran Warriors Arts - Grandmaster Gordan Krajacic. Behind his expertise is 40 years of consecutive training, R&D, real figthing, 3 different wars engagement and surviving, 17 years of Police Force service, Special Forces service, 28 years of teching others.

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