Our Special CEO Tactical Training.

This program is CEO only and it is designed for the executive lifestyle. Information taught in this program is exclusive for our executive client. Contact us to discuss the customized curriculum.

Subjects may include:

  1. Hand to Hand Combative s Edged Weapons Training

  2. Basic Defensive Pistols Training Basic Defensive Carbine Training

  3. Escape from Restraint Improvised Weapons

  4. In-Vehicle Tactics In – Office Tactics

  5. At Vacation Tactics Threat Recognition

  6. Home Defense (1) Day Training for your family.

Crobran Martial Arts – 28 years of teaching Self Defense. Crobran is one of the few Best of the Best Self Defense systems of the World.

With this special training tailored exactly by your lifestyle as CEO, you will increase your power – Yes POWER – you will become more powerful than ever before. Sense of security and sense of your own abilities to protect your family, love ones and yourself will give you new wave of power and selfconfidence in all aspects of life.

All information and booking: Gordan Krajacic, founder of Crobran Self Defense: , +385992785170,,

Who is teaching our CB Corporate Self Protection Education:

MS of Sports Science Gordan Krajacic, founder of Crobran Warriors Arts. Published Author with books on self defense and exercising.

Non-stop Martial Arts Study from his age of 7; MS in Sport Science, Security Manger, Founder of Crobran Self Defense System, Master of Police and Military Self Defense, Master of Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool Won and Kuk Sool Do Martial Arts, Former Instructor of Special Forces, Ex Member of Special Forces, Real war experience, Fighter against terrorism in Afghanistan, Security Adviser in Iraqi oil fields, security Company Owner and VIP top level security expert.

What is Crobran? Shortly, one of the world’s best Self Defense Systems. Invented by prof. Gordan Krajacic and tested in last 28 years on the various world battlefields, streetlights, self defense incidents, sports competition, Special Forces assignments, crime fighting all over Europe and Middle East.

More about Crobran - folw the lead of this link: CROBRAN WARRIORS ARTS

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